Roman Tile Roofing

Graceful beauty that captures the spirit and strength of the Empire.

Many homeowners love the look of Traditional Roman tile roofing, but what they probably don't like is the expense and extreme weight of standard tiles. The fact is that this type of roofing will typically cost more to purchase and install, and it puts a lot more stress on your walls and ceiling. In addition, the tiles can sometimes be brittle and easy to break, particularly when struck by hail.

That's not the case with Roman Tile roofing from Lifetime Shingles, LLC. Our roofing material of choice is stone-coated steel, which is far more durable, lighter and energy efficient than traditional tile. But the best part of having your Minnesota or Wisconsin roofing replaced with our roofing panels is that you'll still get the same appearance of Roman Tile.

If you have any questions about steel roofing from Lifetime Shingles or the benefits of Roman panels in particular, feel free to give us a call today at 715-207-2227 for Wisconsin and Minnesota. We can provide you with a free in home estimate of our services and walk you through the installation process.

Our typical stone-coated steel roof project on a home costs about $20,000.00 for materials & labor. Always consider lower insurance, no maintenance, & energy savings when you weigh the pros and cons of steel roofing in your budget.