Why Choose Commercial Metal Roofing?

From churches to colleges, this roofing is ideal for your facility in Cottage Grove, MN

Metal roofing has been used for churches as far back as Colonial America when the Christ Church was built in Philadelphia. Today, commercial metal roofing is still an excellent choice for churches because of its durability and long life span. If you need metal roof repair or installation services for your place of worship, contact Lifetime Shingles, LLC.

Does your church have a towering steeple over 100 feet high? No problem. Our team of professionals is skilled in working on roofs of all shapes and sizes. For more information about our metal roof repair and installation services in the Cottage Grove, MN area, call now.

We support local businesses throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin

We support local businesses throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin

To run a successful company, you must manage your finances well and invest in things that will save you money in the long run. One such investment is commercial metal roofing installation.

Lifetime Shingles recommends commercial metal roofing because it:

Saves money - fewer repairs and better energy-efficiency means more money in your pocket
Protects your assets - these low-maintenance roofs stand the test of time
Is covered under warranty - your roof will be protected for 50 years

Still have questions about our commercial metal roof repair or installation services? Schedule a free consultation with our local roofer in Cottage Grove, MN today to get your questions answered.