Cottage Shingle

This line of stone-coated steel roofing shingles is a blend of the Shake and Shingle panel. This product pulls the best of each and blends them into an outstanding option for many home & building owners. The Cottage gives you a nice texture to the roof like our Shake panel. The Cottage also gives you the HD color pallet like our Shingle panel. The Cottage Shingle has all the strength you expect from a steel product without the drawbacks of the unsightly painted steel. The finished product of the Cottage roof system is nothing short of amazing.

Some of the greatest benefits of our Cottage Shingle is the things what it is not. This metal product is made to look like a cedar shingle without the drawbacks. Cedar shingles have been known rot, crack, & burn. Cottage Shingles are guaranteed to not rot, crack, or burn like the cedar it is made to look like. The elements can really take the life out of a cedar roof in the Mid-West leaving you with an expensive roof replacement project on a regular basis. Installing Cottage Shingles gives you the appearance of beautiful cedar shingle roof without the costly regular maintenance.

If you have any questions about steel roofing from Lifetime Shingles, LLC or the benefits of Cottage panels in particular, feel free to give us a call today at 715-207-2227. We can provide you with a free in home consultation and walk you through the installation process.