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Birch - Shake

Birch – Shake

When it comes to the city of Minneapolis, MN look no further than right here for a true professional roofing contractor.  Lifetime Shingles has completed many roof projects in the city of Minneapolis for a variety of customers.  Our stone-coated steel roofing shingles we have options for many different types of homes, businesses, and religious structures.  Our products work just as well on a modest home as they do a castle so don’t be afraid to call for a free in home consultation.  If you take pride in your building and want to secure the structural integrity of the roof system for years to come we want to hear from you.  We are waiting for your call. 715-207-2227


To be clear before calling we don’t install asphalt/fiberglass shingles as they have such a short service life and require regular maintenance.  Asphalt/fiberglass shingles also don’t stand up to large hail stones without needing to be repaired or replaced entirely.  We don’t install hog barn/cattle shed steel on homes as it is unsightly.  Finally we don’t install standing seam steel or painted metal shingles on homes or religious buildings for multiple reasons.  Painted steel is very slippery after the installation.  If you have any maintenance that needs to be completed it can be dangerous to walk on the roof.  The dangers of snow sliding off the roof and injuring or ending someones life is huge liability that were not willing to take.  Damage from hail is very common when it comes to any type of painted metal/steel roofing products.  When painted metal shingles, barn steel, or standing seam steel is hit by hail it shows dents well.  The dents are easy to see from the ground or even the street as they glare in the sun.  If a panel is every damaged or needs to be replaced on a standing seam steel roof or hidden fastener metal shingle it is extremely difficult to replace a panel in the middle of the roof without removing all the panels to get to it.  The next issue is if you have to replace a painted piece of standing seam steel or painted metal shingle it will never match the fade of the other panels in the roof system.

Our stone-coated steel roofing is unbelievable when it comes to potential maintenance.  If you have a large hail storm hit your building after installation you won’t be able to tell the difference.  Even if the hail is extremely large and able to dent our heavy gauge steel the stone-coating keeps the glare from the sun muted.  If a tree limb falls and punches a hole in the roof system you can easily remove and replace one panel in minutes in the middle of the roof system.  Once again our stone-coating on every part of the roof system allows us to do this without having a noticeable color difference on the panel replaced.  Probably the greatest maintenance asset of our product is the ability to walk on it.  The stone-coating gives you great traction if you need to hang christmas lights, clean gutters, adjust a satellite dish, or even add something to the roof at a later date.  We sleep great at night knowing that our roofs won’t crush anyone under a large pile of snow sliding off a slippery painted metal shingle or painted steel sheet.

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We had Wayne’s crew from Lifetime Shingles install blue barrel roof tile panels on our stucco home in Hudson, WI.  The resulting color contrast looks great and lowered our energy costs. The construction job impressed my in-laws so much that when they needed a roof on their cabin in Hovland MN, Lifetime Shingles got the job there. –Jim of Hudson WI

- Hudson, WI