Stone-coated steel roofing Tile – Waconia, MN

Weathered Timber - Tile, Waconia, MN

This breathtaking religious structure is located near the shores of Lake Waconia in Waconia, MN. This church takes great pride in the appearance of the structure as well as the future life of the product installed. They had many concerns about choosing a product to last for generations as well as look beautiful on the existing structure. We put together a wonderful combination of different profiles on areas of the church to accent the outstanding architecture built into the original project.  The section of this project highlighted here is the alter area.  This rounded area of the church had a small scale asbestos slate shingle that was abated.  After the asbestos abatement was completed synthetic felts were installed for preparation.  The installation of the Tile panels had to be done in pie sections to make the turn.  If you look closely the bottom course of each pie has a custom fabricated starter panel.  All of the hips in this area really help to accent the pies used to work around the round alter area with such a detailed panel.

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The neighbors come to see the roof and ask questions. Our children could play outside during install. When they were done the yard was all cleaned up.

- Stephanie Cordes