Shake Roofing

A battenless alternative that offers a faster installation time.

Shake roofing has been a popular option for homeowners for many years. This roofing profile looks great, and it provides superb protection from rain, snow, wind and hail, conditions that Minnesota and Wisconsin homeowners are all too familiar with. While shake roofing panels are typically made out of cedar, we highly recommend considering stone-coated steel Shake roofing for your next home or building project.

If you have any questions about steel roofing from Lifetime Shingles, LLC or the benefits of shake panels in particular, feel free to give us a call today at 715-207-2227. We can provide you with a free estimate of our services and walk you through the installation process.

Our typical stone-coated steel roof project on a home costs about $20,000.00 for materials & labor. Always consider lower insurance, no maintenance, & energy savings when you weigh the pros and cons of steel roofing in your budget.