Shingle Roofing

A simple, clean look with high-tech durability.

The shingle has a simple profile that keeps the finished product from looking "busy". You get the strength of steel with the beauty of stone-coatings as with all of our products. When people drive by your home it will look as though you have a traditional asphalt shingle installed. Sometimes this product works best blending into a neighborhood of homes with all asphalt shingles existing if you don't want the home to stand out. This particular panel has hidden fasteners in the field of installation. The Shingle is now available in the HD color collection like the Cottage Shingle.

Comparing a traditional asphalt shingle roof to our stone-coated steel roofing Shingle is something we love to do at Lifetime Shingles, LLC. The life expectancy of a traditional asphalt shingle is less than 20 years according to many experts in the roofing industry. We have heard of many asphalt shingles that last far less than 20 years. You have probably seen the roofs with all the "rocks" missing, edges curled up, tabs falling off around the roof. These problems are a thing of the past with our metal shingles. The greatest benefit of our steel roofing is the cost being a one and done deal. With asphalt shingles you will need to repair or replace them on a regular basis most likely with cost coming every ten years. When you install a stone-coated steel roofing Shingle from Lifetime Shingles you have one upfront cost for a roof that will last you a lifetime.

If you have any questions about steel roofing from Lifetime Shingles or the benefits of Shingle panels in particular, feel free to give us a call today at 715-207-2227. We can provide you with a free in home estimate of our services and walk you through the installation process.

Our typical stone-coated steel roof project on a home costs about $20,000.00 for materials & labor. Usually our products run double the cost of your standard asphalt roof shingles. Always consider lower insurance, no maintenance, & energy savings when you weigh the pros and cons of steel roofing in your budget.